Online StudyGuide for the SAT/PSAT or ACT

TCAs web-based software gives you the edge you need to raise your students test scores and track progress as it occurs. For over 20 years TCAs proven approach has helped students reach their academic goals. With the Online StudyGuide, your students can work at home, in school, or anywhere there is Internet access.

The Online StudyGuide diagnoses a real SAT/PSAT or ACT and gives your students a detailed analysis of their performance called a Skills Feedback Report. The report clearly shows where they need to focus their efforts to maximize their score. The Online StudyGuide takes the individual performance of each student and aggregates the data to show you where teachers should focus their test preparation efforts.

Screenshots of Teacher Feedback Reports Screenshots of the Student Feedback Report

An Annual or 6-Month Subscription to the Online StudyGuide includes all the tools your school or district needs for a total test prep solution:

Real Tests provide you and your students with a precise diagnostic of skill deficiencies.
Skills Review using lessons and quizzes tailored to individual student needs based on diagnostic results.
Data Feedback for educators to monitor progress and drive instruction.
QuickTest for the SAT/ACT is a 30-40 minute web-based assessment that provides an immediate indicator of their SAT/ACT score.
FinalPrep for the SAT/ACT is a web-based tool ideal for use during the final days before your students actually take the test. FinalPrep is designed to ensure that key concepts covered by the test are fresh in your students short-term memory and can be retrieved on examination day.
Blackline Masters are PDF versions of all the Skill Lessons and Quizzes found in the Online StudyGuide. They are designed for classroom use and for students who may not have computers at home.
Online StudyGuide Video Tutorials provide detailed instructions for all the features and functionality of the Online StudyGuide.
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